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Tel: +353 87 930 2149
Corina is a qualified Sport Teacher and Physiotherapist with a long term passion for Sports. She practiced skiing since childhood and then high performance athletics for over 10 years. She qualified as a Sports Teacher and Physiotherapist and worked in both fields for over 4 years. She also taught aerobics dance for 4 years in Romania as an extracurricular activity during her college years. Since she moved to Ireland, over 10 years ago, her “active” life became moderate, as her work field was an “office” one. Only when she discovered Kangoo Jumps last year her love for sport and wellbeing has been reignited, and early this year she qualified as a Kangoo Jumps Instructor. Together with her friend and mentor Emilia Pancsur who is currently on maternity leave, Corina continues Emilia’s great work, and their classes are packed with fun and fitness.

Emilia Pancsur
Emilia Pancsur
Age: 34
Tel: 087 0635485

Emilia Pancsur is the Founder and an Instructor of Kangoo Club Dublin. She has nine years experience in classical ballet, two years in dance aerobics and her new passion lies in Kangoo Jumps. She is dynamic, she is fun and she is committed to promoting fitness and healthy living.

She first discovered Kangoo Jumps three years ago in Romania and immediately fell in love with this form of low impact workout. She thinks this is the safest, most efficient, most enjoyable and the best form of exercise a person can get at the moment. Because she could not find Kangoo Jumps classes in Dublin, she decided to become a certified Kangoo Power instructor to promote it herself in Dublin.

Today Emilia is a (N.T.C. Dublin) certified aerobic and fitness instructor, personal trainer and a certified Kangoo Power instructor. She is here to share her passion for fitness and health with everybody.

Now with Kangoo Jumps you can feel the joy and energy of life again in a world without gravity.


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